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Cypionate, EQ Cycle?

I am beginning a Test cyp and EQ cycle with the Cyp 250mg/10ml bottle and the EQ 300mg/10ml bottle. I am 30 years old 170lbs with a low body fat %8-10 at most. Could someone help me out with an example of a cycle I should take if I wanted to put on about 10 -15lbs and stay lean but hard. What should I do post cycle? I have been training for 15 years and eat a clean diet. Understanding the most anabolic substance is food I am pushing up my clean food intake as much as I can handle.

Any info on this would be awesome as I am a rookie, and am ready to absorb what you can learn me,


Start reading. This will give you the insight you need. Its not only important to know how much to use, but why this amount is required and what it is going to do to you.

All the info you are looking for and then some are burried within the threads on this site. There are plenty of test/eq cycles that people have done regarding dosages, AIs and pct.

Quite interesting that you joined back in July of 05, 1st post but you still have no idea on how to put a cycle together.

While you spend a few weeks learning, pick yourself up a second bottle of test and some adex.

I have always been around on this site browsing but I was not big into gear info. I am now starting to get into it more and trying to research it as much as possible. I have some ideas from other sites and here and am learning lots. I am prob going with 10-12 weeks of the Cyp and Eq stack.

Mon 1cc Cyp and .5cc EQ together in 1 shot & again on Thur repeat for a total of 500mg Cyp and 300mg EQ per week.

How does that look for a first cycle ?

I am 5’11, 170lbs from what I have researched so far these 2 are estered gear and should see results within 3-4 weeks.

I think I am OK with the cycle it’s the post therapy I am not sure of. I was thinking of taking a anti-est supp like 6-OXO or maybe a test booster…do you think that would be OK or should I go with the Clomid or another option?

Again thnx a million for the quick reply & I will continue to do the research.

Any type of OTC (over the counter) will not do for pct. Nolva or a taper seems be be preferred by most here.

OTC will not do shit. If anything, it could suppress you further. Don’t buy into what the idiot at a supplement store tells you. Just for shits, I went in one today and completely lied to the moron there about how I needed a cheaper alternative than nolvadex and clomid. He suggest Super Mastervol.

So be warned, do not buy anything at a supplement store. Your PCT needs to consist of a SERM, a stasis taper, or a combination of the two. Period.


Thnx for the reply, after this cycle before the pct should I run something else or just run the pct? I am on week #3 500mg Cyp, 400mg EQ and have some noticable gains…a consistant 175-177Lbs on the scale in the morn weight in from the usual 168-170Lbs. The pump when training is wicked shit is popping out everywhere if you know what I mean. I plan to run this cycle 10-12 weeks.

It is idiots like this that make me want to stop posting here at T-Nation.


Hey World there’s nothing wrong with asking questions…not all of us that post here are no it all, I’m the shit pros like you. If you don’t want to answer a question then don’t.

There is no need to call people idiots for a simple opinion. Grow up man T-Nation doesn’t need you posting crap like that and we don’t either. Thnx for nothing.

The fact is oinone, that the question you asked is so “wrong” it has made it clear you should not be doing any AAS at all… you have little knowledge in using this very complex course of drugs.

Most here - world included - are happy to help out someone who is genuinely trying to help themselves, but when someone comes in on the 3rd week of nearly a gram of anabolics (i have done probably 8-10 cycles and barely use that much gear!) with a question that suggests you are only going to damage yourself, and that sadly your gains will disappear as quick as they came (wow? 177lbs? really?).

I can only hope you do a few cycles - throw some tren or deca in there and become infertile before you manage to pro-create…

laugh my ass off till i get a pump in my hams JJ.

To the o/p

  1. Do not insult world1187
  2. Your bodyweight indicates poor knowledge of training and nutrition. This is why people are not keen on helping you with your cycle.

Now on the 19th May, you were either just begining a cycle, or still in the process of asking how to use drugs to gain 10-15lbs of lean mass without paying dues to the basics.

Then on the 24th of may, you somehow leaped 3 weeks into your cycle!! what the fuck, and then you have the ordasity to question worlds post and tell him to grow up…what in the fuck.
You then begin asking questions about PCT - you hadnt planned this and brought your pct gear before you commenced your cycle???

I have just watched an old wrestling tape with my nephew and i wish to repeat some of the advice given to another wrestler by a gentle man called the rock.

Take your little cycle, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up your ***** ***

Rant over.

I would like to aplogise for that little rant to the o/p - it was un called for but in a way it had a humourous side to it.

Again, apologies.

sounds like a good ol fashioned thread burning

[quote]testanabol wrote:
Then on the 24th of may, you somehow leaped 3 weeks into your cycle!! what the fuck, and then you have the ordasity to question worlds post and tell him to grow up…what in the fuck.


I was wondering if maybe he was counting weeks in dog years…?