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Cypionate Denaturing?


Im new to this forum and i have a quick question… about 9-10 months ago, i bought a 2 bottles of Cypionate to add a little more size but never got a chance to use the second bottle. Throughout this time, the bottle stayed in my drawer and never saw above 75-80 degrees. My question is, is this bottle still okay to use after about 10 months of sitting in my drawer or should i trash it?


its fine.


test expires roughly 28 days after opening (putting the needle in) because of bacteria and other stuff…these are the cdc guidelines anyways however i have used a vial 3 months after with no issues… if its unopened then it can last up to 2 years however some vials have EO rubber can deteriorate and can cause bacteria to fall inside as well.


yeah i haven’t punctured the rubber seal with a needle or anything. but cool deal. thanks for your help bud