Cypionate Deca IGF Cycle Review

Hey im new to this forum and I wanted to say whats up to everyone! And i also have a cycle that needs to be reviewed, i’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!!!

WEEK 1-10:
400mg Watson Cypionate
200mg Tornel Deca

WEEK 1-11:
A-Dex .50mg ed

WEEK 6-12:
500iu HCG twice a week - - - - only thing i dont have is HCG

WEEK 12-13:
100mg Clomid ed

WEEK 14-15:
50mg Clomid ed

WEEK 17-20:
50mcgs IGF mon-fri
:25mcgs morning
:25mcgs post workout

My brother also gave me an extra 1000mcg’s of IGF. Should i take it the last month of the cycle and mine a month later? I read if you take IGF after a cycle it helps keep gains and repair your body…?