Cypionate-Deca Cycle

I am on TRT and my doctor recently prescribed me Nandrolone Deconate from Empower Pharmacy, specifically for joint pain.

I am on 210 mg of cypionate and 200 mg of deca every week, and just started the third week today. Doctor said I can go 10 weeks on, then 10 weeks off.

Just wanted to see if anyone had advice. My TRT has been great, finally approaching the bottom end of normal range for free T (total T of 900), and finally adding some muscle which I have been unable to do the past few years.

I’m 37 yo, 6’4-6’5, 215-220 lbs.

Umm…deca and test at nearly the same dose? better cut that deca down to 100 if you plan on staying at 200 test. if you need 200 deca then go 300-400 test. i’d be fearful of getting ed. some others might have more experience with that but i’ve always been told to make sure you are at least 1.5-2x the dose of test vs deca.

Thanks for the input. What is the reason you need more test when on deca, aromatization? Like I said just starting third week, but the opposite of ED seems to be happening…

the idea that testosterone needs to be run at 2x the dose of nandrolone is a myth. Everyone reacts differently to compounds, however many people are able to run = doses of nand/test, some can even go higher nand, lower test. Erectile dysfunction from nandrolone is caused by a few things (in my opinion) one being potentially elevated prolactin, progesterone related side effects and the biggest of all, the mayham nandrolone can cause with regards to neurotransmitters, dopamine etc. Some people don’t get these side effects on nandrolone, to what degree neurotransmitters are altered and dopamine levels are affected with vary from individual to individual.

These are rat studies, so they are flawed as results in rats around 90% of the time do not replicate the exact results humans will have, that being said, they sometimes do provide valid insight as to possible mechanisms that cause said side effects.

Ask yourself: Is taking an equal amount or more deca than test worth the risk of getting deca dick and possibly having it for a while after?

Considering the fact I’m 30% through the cycle and I’m having the opposite symptoms of deca dick, I’m not concerned.

So 10 week cycle and you’ve been on deca 3 wks? Hmm…I don’t think that’s long enough to kick in yet but I hope for your sake it doesn’t negatively affect you. As they say, it’s your body.

Week #4 in the books and still no deca dick

There is no simple explanation for why some guys get ed on deca and some do not. Guys who previously got deca dick but then ran it again with a DHT, like Proviron, report that they had no issues. Others get it no matter what. It’s not a straightforward ratio of test to deca.

Bringing this back to life. Can the OP give an update? I got prescribed 100mg/wk of Nandrolone Deca with my TRT of 180mg/wk. I haven’t started it yet because of the Deca Dick threads. Did you get any side effects? Did you get any noticeable gains?

One single persons anecdote is nothing to reassure you about. Not trying to be derogatory but let’s be honest. Every persons reaction is different. The majority likely don’t have ED issues but there are a lot of people that do. Yours truly is one of them and yes even on therapeutic low doses such as you’ve described. Proceed at your own risk.


I understand we all react differently. And I appreciate the response. Sucks to hear you are having ED issues. My vile is sitting on my counter and I have yet to decide whether or not to proceed with 100mg/wk!

Since the original post I believe I’ve done three ten week cycles…never anything close to Deca dick.

Does wonders for the joints but takes 4-5 weeks to notice the effects. Notice some strength gains as well.