Cypioante and Deca Cycle

Doc has me setup to run 200mg/200mg (EDIT: 100mg/110mg) on Mon and Thurs of Cypionate and Deca. I upped it to 300mg/300mg (EDIT: 150mg/165 mg) each injection day without seeing too much difference. I am reading that the 200mg/200mg cycle is where its at. Doc said I can run it as long as I want just as replacement therapy as my natural test levels were in the low 200’s.

Two years ago I ran a cycle of Enanthate once a week for 4 months and felt like Superman. I’m wondering if I should move up to the 200mg/200mg of my current gear or cycle off and then run a new cycle of Enanthate and Deca?

I am not seeing much in the way of energy the way it is now but I am seeing some decent strength gains across the board.

Any recommendations?

What country are you in. I don’t see a doctor prescribing 400mg of Test and 400mg of Deca a week.

I didn’t say they prescribed 400mg. They prescribed 200mg per mL twice a week. I moved it up to 300mg per injection day myself…

Correction: 200mg total and 220 mg total per week, not per day.

Doc has me setup to run 200mg/200mg on Mon and Thurs of Cypionate and Deca… Those are your exact words on your first post. 200/200 twice a week is 400/400 and I seriously don’t see a doc prescribing that. You upped it 300/300 twice a week which is 600/600 and then upped to 400/400 twice a week which is 800/800 total a week. Unless your typing it out wrong I know what I read.

Sorry, not trying to be an ass here…I was wrong on the dose. 100mg per test/deca per each day was the original prescribed dose. Not 200/200 per day.

I just re-read the label…

Nandrolone 200mg
Inject 0.5 ML (100 mg) 2 times per week.

Testosterone Cypionate
(220 mg/ML)
Inject 0.5 ML (110mg) 2 times per week

What I did was upped it to .75 ML each twice a week so that’s 150mg and 165mg each injection, totaling 300mg/330mg per week.

Sorry about that.