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Cyp Time Frame


I had a 300 mg test cyp injection on Friday. When will I notice anything? It is now 3 days later.

Being a complete newbie on injection HRT, any help appreciated.



A week and a half to two weeks.


Thanks RJ! I've read many of your past posts, so I know you are a knowledgeable man. Again, thank you!


please keep us updated on your results,thanks


Why the change from the Testim/Androgel?


Sorry to take so long. As RainJack said, it took about 10 days and I am beginning to feel better. Thanks again, RJ!

I switched away from gels because I never got over 420 with them. Then, on the last test, my total T came in at 269 and I was beginning to feel like shit. The gels were not working. So, I asked my doctor to inject me and to hell with the gels.

Please try the gels first, however. Most guys get good results and the test is more level than with the shots. Try Androgel first, simply because its easier, no stink or tubes to mess with.

If my readings don't go up, I'm going to try Oasis Longevity Clinic for more T. They treat SWAT guys, firefighters, and cops. I'm a teacher so I have nowhere near that kind of stress but dealing with teens all day gets you down.

T is Good! (My new mantra) :slightly_smiling:


I switched to the shots for the same reasons and the fact that my wife could not stand the smell and would not come near me.


My endo switched me to 100 mg/weekly self administered shots of cypionate after I had bad skin reactions to Testim and my T-levels crashed after trying a brief switch to androgel.

I won't know my new T-levels for another couple of weeks but I feel way better on the injections than I did on 10 grams/daily of Testim. All that nasty folicular acne I got on my arms and shoulders has faded away too. I could feel the daily rise/fall of my T-levels on Testim and other than a minor drop near the end of the week with cypionate I feel pretty good overall.

I can feel the cypionate working almost immediately and definitely noticed the effect the morning after my first evening injection. I'm somewhat surprised it took over a week to notice the effect after having already been on the gels.


My last try at testim also gave me the bad rash/acne on my arms,it took a few weeks to go away.I will have my first blood test on fri.to see where i'm at after having the test cyp. inj. for four weeks.I'm generally feeling great,and starting to get horny as hell,and the ed. seems about cured,Man is T great!!!!(gotta go find the wife now!) see ya.


where do you inject yourself?i would like to get my endo to let me do the same thing rather than going monthly.how did you go about asking him?I DONT want him to think i am a juichead.thanks


I alternate between the left and right vastus (outer thigh)and have yet to hit a nerve or larger blood vessel. I use a 1" 25 gauge syringe and it's almost completely pain free.

My endo was a real good sport about switching me from Testim to test cyp injections as I was having skin reactions to the Testim. It was his recommendation that I just do them myself and not have to come into his office. The scary thing was I didn't even get any training, just go to the pharmacy pick up the test cyp and a self injection instruction sheet and have at it! The first one was a bit nervous but now it's a 5 minute "ho hum" exercise.

If he insists on you coming into the office you could always plead that it's too hard to schedule your time for the same day every week and couldn't he just have his nurse train you so you could do it at home. It shouldn't be a big deal and it doesn't hurt to ask.

Speaking of juicer, I checked my script and he actually gave me enough refills to run 400 mg/weekly! I haven't gone above 120 mg/week as I get good results with that, but it has crossed my mind that I could put together a 12 week cycle of 800 mg/week if I really wanted to.


Has anyone tried striant, the tab you do like chewing tobacco? I don't mind the shot at all but the doc's office is a trip.

Maybe I'll ask for the 1" 25 gauge thigh shot. Wouldn't it take a long time to get the oil through such a skinny needle though?


You'd think so, and you'd be right!

Actually, it's the draw from the vial that takes a long time and I've found I have to pull 2 CCs of vacuum on the syringe to start the flow and then it takes a minute or so to fill up to 1/2 CC for my injection. The injection takes about 15 seconds to get the 1/2 CC out, probably because I can depress teh plunger harder than I can pull the vacuum.

The thin needle is fine as it really doesn't cause any pain, which I understand a larger gauge needle will. You could compromise with a 23 gauge needle.


Currently i use a 14ga to draw,and a 23ga 1" to inject.My RN friend has been inj. in my delts,but is going to teach me the proper way to inj. into my legs.She says that is the only proper place to self inject.