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Cyp From Monthly To...?


I have a prescription that calls for me to take 2 ml of test cyp once a month.

That would 400mg for the month.
Not expecting to grow muscles on this...just trying to get me back to fairly normal test level.
I know that once a month is not good...from the guys here (thanks)

Given my limited amount to do with...what would you do...how would you divide it...and when.
I just took the full 2ml today...when would you inject the smaller doses...and how often.
For instance, would you wait a week or two (about the time it starts to effect me) and then shoot .5 ml every week?
Or maybe .25 ml twice a week?

Many thanks...trying to get this right!


I believe most would agree with the limited amount you are allowed without going elsewhere for more, .25ml every 3-1/2 days would keep your levels steady. What are your blood test results? Do you know? If so please post them when possible.

Good luck.


I agree with KNB, maybe to keep it simple you could do 1/2 ml twice a week to keep blood levels steady. You doing the 2ml every two weeks with have your blood levels on a rollercoaster


I need to go back and get a copy of the results...I remember the doc saying that they were below low level and that even normal low would be to low.

So at this point I don't have a number for you...maybe tomorrow.

When would you start the .25 ml ?

I was thinking in a couple of weeks when I start feeling it...but upon further consideration...now I am thinking three days from now so that a steady level will be there when it starts hitting.
Any thought?

When the RX runs out, I may see if I can some how get him to up the RX just a little bit...maybe use 250mg instead of 200mg that I presently have.
OH...yet another question...at this low level of Cyp Test...is there any need to cycle?


IMO, i would do one shot a week of 100 mg's to keep blood levels stable . I think you body is on a rollercoaster ride once a month !! I would keep it nice and stable once a week. Good luck


I dont think your gonna feal much at 400 mgs a month.


Last month after ten or twelve days I felt a rush of energy and well being...it only lasted a few days , though.
That was on the full 400mg for the month.
It hit like a wave and then petered out.


How about your libido ??? Thats what will tell if its working, i have never heard of test ( enan or cyp ) giving a boost of energy. But ya never know !!


The exact reason to inject at least once a week. Twice a week is probably best for the most stable blood levels but you could probably get away with once a week as well for your cirucumstances.


Good libido...no spontaneous wood.
I thought I would get a woody from nowhere....lol.


they give me the same weak dose. i am waiting for my refferal to the endo so they can up it to 800mg PM. my previous free test was 280 something, after 6 mos on the 400mg PM i had it re-checked last week under ideal conditions and it was barely 367 on day 6.

i go once a week and get 100mg. i feel pretty good stable, but not quite out of the woods. because of the hassle i have been given to get a bigger dose i started supplementing my own test into the mix. i added a 250mg dose on sat, i get the 100mg on wed.