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Cyp/eq Cycle


Former roid user, last cycle about 7 years ago, been back training to loose fat with complexes ala Dan John , and i am using aggressive strength t-booster, its been working nicely. Goal to drop 30 lb of fat and be in better shape.

Then once I feel I'm in decent enough shape I am going to run test cyp, and eq for 15 weeks at 500 cyp and 300 eq weekly. Goal is to end up at a lean weight of 200 lbs. I am 5'9, 220 lbs , 41 years old. Was planning to use hcg and possibly Nolvas for pct. I have always found larger amounts of aas unnecessary , could use help determining best doseage for hcg, and from what I've been reading nolva and clomid aren't necessary as they are also a stack unto themselves and have to come off of those too.

Probably only going to do on cycle per year.Like I say it's been a while, pct seems to have changed a bit. Oh yeah I also have adex on hand for when sides kick in. All comments welcome.


Hcg normal dose is 250 mg/2x week though you use it throughout your cycle not during pct. Nolva alone is fine for pct at 40/40/20/20.

Use adex throughout rather than waiting for effects; start it about .25 mg/EOD if you like. May want to throw some form of increase in dose or another compound around week 8-12.


Thanks man.