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Cyp Dosing

I realise that the Cyp. ester has the longest half-life in the test family, but her is my question.

Part of my cycle involves tren ace which i will want to pin everyday… why can’t I just add 100mg if cyp with it?

Seems to me long-term that the levels will level out and stay constant.

What am I missing?



(just trying to avoid as many inj as possible) (i love to hate the inj.)

Thanks again Brothers

are you saying thaat you could add 100mg cyp with ED injects of tren ace? then yes. defo…

BTW - the longest is undecanoate i think… maybe laurate.

i suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. however, cyp would take a longer time to kick in then tren ace. so if you were going to say take 100mg cyp and maybe 10mg tren everyday from the start, the tren is going to kick in much much earlier then cyp.

u could maybe start of with a frontload dose of cyp with your first pinning and then carry on with your original plan. just my opinion.

That would work. Just split the total weekly desired amount of cyp into 7 (daily amounts) and mix it with the tren ace.

Another consideration is that you would want your serum level of test cyp at a decent level before introducing the tren to avoid tren sides (like ED).

I would frontload the test cyp and then start the tren ace in week2 of your cycle.

If you frontload test cyp; it would be a good idea to frontload your AI too so they’ll be in sync and you can prevent E2 buildup.

So if you go with 75mg test cyp ED (525mg/w); then your frontload would be 675mg on Day 1 and then 75mg ED starting on Day 2 and every day until the end of your cycle.

Adex 0.6mg on Day 1 and then 0.3 mg EOD (adjust as needed) for the duration.

Decanoate has a longer half life than cyp

If we are being semantical then the longest test ester is undecanoate.

decanoate isnt a commercially produced test drug.