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Cyp/dbol anti-e question

I about to do the following cycle:

10 weeks
600mg test cyp w1-10
30mg dbol w1-7
clomid w10-13

What should I run for an anti-e during? I do have a little gyno in one pec and am trying to avoid any worsening. Last time I used was 7 years ago, ill advised, ran primo, deca and sust all together for a prolonged period. I’m thinking either Nolvadex, or arimidex @ 0.5mg/day.


Either is a good option. If you can get it, letrozole at 0.5-1mg per day is the best anti-e going. If you dont want your gyno to flare up a bit, i would recommend either the arimidex or letrozole, with letrozole being preferred.

I am with Jp on the Letrozole at 1mg a day to make sure the gyno stays away.
On another note a change to your cycle might do you some good. P22 has told several guys on the forum to not start their Dbol till their injectables actually kicks in and this would work great for you especially since you are going to be on for quite a while. While your dbol is low enough to keep sides away for a while, you will eventually get the killer back pumps that we all fear. So if you were to move your dbol back and start it in week 4 you could probably run it all the way through week 11 and then start up you pct in week 12. This will keep the androgen levels more even all the way till the end of your cycle and enable you to start pct when the last of the gear starts to really taper off.
Good luck and tell us how it goes.

Darkangel, just remember that everyone reacts differently to aas, so the issue regarding lower back pumps is really subjective at best…I personally have run dbol for 5 wks. at 30mg ed w/ no lower back problems at all. I think the key is keeping bloat down via AI’s or a SERM like nolvadex.
For the bro running the cycle, don’t forget to frontload. As a rule of thumb, I ALWAYS frontload twice the amt. for wk.1 and 1.5 times my weekly amt. for wk.2. So for you, you’d shoot 1200mg. the first wk, and 900mg. the second wk, then 3-10 would be 600mg. With the cycle you have proposed, I’d run 20mg nolvadex ed and have some arimidex or letrozole on hand. good luck


thanks guys. I think I will try to go with letrozole, if not then arimidex. I’m just worried about it flaring up again, right now it isn’t that bad at all and is hard to notice by others. I don’t need it getting any worse though.

I am pumped to get back on and will let you all know how it works out. Thanks again.