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Cyp Cycle Basics


I'm getting ready to do a cycle of test cypionate. I haven't done one in 10 years or more, and the last one I did was with very limited resources and basic knowledge of the product. It was also limited to just cyp. I see a lot of discussion of about adding hcg. Any recommendations on proper dosing and anything else I should add to make the most of it?


500 iu/wk HCG up until the start of pct. maybe also some arimidex at .5mg every other day up until the start of pct.


I guess what I'm wanting to know is what is HCG and it's purpose? Are we talking about the same stuff that the big diet craze is about?


The diet craze is nonsense and revolves around a significantly reduced caloric intake. I read that people consume only 500 calories per day on that diet... no shit you'll lose weight, you're starving yourself. The only benefit from adding HCG would be the potential for an increase in testosterone levels which may help muscle wasting in such a caloric deficit.

HCG replicates the body's signal to the testes to produce testosterone. This is valuable on a AAS cycle because exogenous testosterone (or any anabolic/androgenic) will shut down your body's natural test production: this happens because the body receives all this extra testosterone (from your injections) and decides that it doesn't need to produce its own anymore. The signal to the testes stops and then testicular atrophy occurs during the course of the cycle as they are no longer "in use". HCG will keep the signal going, keep the testes trying to produce, helping to avoid or at least limit testicular atrophy making the return to natural production post cycle easier.

That is, in simple theory, how it works. And it seems to have good carry over from theory to actual "real-life" application. .


Well that makes good sense. I had planned on a taper on and taper off phase to keep from shocking the ole nuts but that would help I'm sure. Is HCG something easily obtainable or is it Black Market stuff?


Taper is old school ( I know it's been a while for ya) front load the test and run it at 500 mgs a week and start pct two weeks after last injection. And as TRTsaid, the addition of an AI like adex would be ideal.


Its an injectable and is prescription only in the US, so yes "black market". Doesn't mean its not easily attainable though..


I read the studies on pubmed where the HCG users lost the same amount of weight as the Non HCG users.
it was simply a starvation diet and HCG does nothing for weight loss in either men or women.
its just a gimmick and the oral HCG you find in stores is crap too


Hence why I said that diet craze is nonsense.