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Cyp and Prop Rotations

I’m on Cypionate 200 Ev Monday and Thursday. Can I rotate in test prop into my cycle while on Cypionate???and if so what does someone recommend.

You absolutely can. Just time it right so you’re not getting huge peaks and troughs.

Wednesday I pinned cyp 200. Next day Thursay day pinned prop 100. Will wait til sunday for cyp 200 and Saturday prop 100. … please lmk what y’all think ???

Why don’t you just put them in the same barrel? Break it up to three shots a week and just get into a steadier routine.

Or (and some people may scream bloody murder about this, but it’s fine) just pin your cyp once a week and do the prop 3x the way you would if you were running a prop-only cycle. The reason cyp once a week is bad (it’s not bad, but maybe suboptimal) is because of the peak-trough dynamic. By adding prop to the plan you basically are smoothing out that issue. So you’ll still have variations, but they’ll be smaller than they would be for say a trt patient who’s only pinning weekly. Anyway, some things to think about.

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tomorrow will load both cyp/prop same barrel… hopefully no painful notts!!

Just don’t pin prop in yur leg…
Delts & ass only or yur gonna regret it


Forgot to report back… (not like anyone cares)… so I loaded 1cc of prop then 1cc of cyp in the same barrel… hardley no pain after and well beyond … love it.

Good to hear, man. Feel free to report how the cycle is going.

12 week cycle … 7weeks so far to date.
While on Keto diet lost 40lbs … feeling faaken great! Definitely looking swoe! (From what I use to look like) digging the results :muscle:t4: …cyp200 and prop100 and some real Stenadrol