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Cyp Alone


Hey guys --

So I have found myself with four bottles of cyp from the pharmacy (so I know its real) - 200 mg/ml. so I have 40 ml.

I was wondering if it can be ran alone and at what dose to get a little more size. I am currently 6' 235. I was running 150 mg / x2 week for HRT, but I now have access to much more.

Any thoughts?


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800 mg/wk for 10 weeks is probably where you'd get the most gains, or maybe a gram a week for 8 weeks actually


Youre already on 300mg/wk which is about 3x the normal trt amount, and youre having trouble putting on size?

Have you looked at your diet and training?


What bonez said.

If you have the proper hormonal environment; but lack the proper building blocks(nutrition/calories) and stimulus(training) you will be unable to maximize/utilize the additional hormone(s) in your body.

Even at 300mgs a week you should see boosted strength, reduced recovery time, increased muscle volume etc.

A gram a week is over kill in my opinion, 600-800mgs a week should do really well, definetly have an AI thrown in there...


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Hey thanks bro :slight_smile: I appreciate that.


exactly...teh guys built like a brick shithouse...obviously the 300mg/wk has been helping. I would simply double it and personally i would NOT use an AI (wanna fight bushy?)...but thats just me.

OK...now everyone start calling ME out like i don;t know what i am doing....thats why this site cracks me the fuck up...i once had a guy "instruct" me on how to get my arms to grow since i didn't sound like i knew anything! i said well mine are 21" please show me yours then forward your program. Its fairly amazing how many people dish out advice that look like pre-pubescent teens.


No I didnt, but I realized that he's not a newb after seeing the stats.

It wasnt a jab at him. I know my posts come off that way sometimes.

More of a suggestion to make sure the bases are covered. My thinking was some people who make really good progress over a long period of time gloss over the most basic of stuff when things stall. Not saying that's definitely whats going on here, either.

I didnt mean to imply that everyone can put on unlimited amounts of muscle with 300mg of T forever.

Id vote for a 10 week blast.


for the record that wasn't directed at you bonez (i am assuming you know that) ... its generally all the "followers" you seem to have acquired that make matter of fact statements that they have absolutely no basis for except they read it somewhere on the internet.


I need some help here. I am new at all of this and have doen as much reserach as I can but obviously not enough. I am 40 years old, and have good natural levels but decided to try an extended low dose cycle with decent results. Around 300ml for 13 weeks.

I had Nolva and HCG ready for PCT but now I am ready to switch over, my snag of a woman found the nolva and threw it away in a rage. I only then learned that the HCG should've been used on cycle as well. Anyway my dilemma is now I have no Nolva for PCT. I was reading about tapering, could that work? I also have some novedex XT and HCG if I could do anything with that. I know its not optimal, but kind of in a crisis situation now. Thanks. Test levels are currently at 1290, just had checked last week.


Ah come on, don't we want members who are hanging on BBB and Bonez nuts?? That helps keep this forum the way it is, vs how it was 5+ years ago... its ok.


I actually think the use and dose of AI presents some interesting dilemmas.

High estrogen usually results in more suppression. But it could be argued that aromatase activity is one of the reasons test is so effective.... allowing for robust release of GH and subsequently IGF-1 levels.

In the case of the OP suppression isn't really an issue. So we are left with high e2 as a potential issue

Maybe a nice compromise may be to boost DHT levels for estro. Test cream on the scrotum perhaps....seeing as though you have access to prescription items.

This of course is if hair loss isn't a major concern...and I'm not sure if this will offset any benefits to be had from having slightly high estro

Just some thoughts.....