Cyle Questions About D'Bol

I’m going to begin my cycle in a week that consists of:
750 mg of Test E a week for 12 weeks
500 mg of Deca a week for 10 weeks

I’m competing in a powerlifting meet in June. My question is concerning D’Bol. I’m thinking of taking 30mg ED start 4 weeks back from the meet. That would put me 6 weeks into my cycle. I know that most people use it to kickstart their cycles, but I thought it would give me a boost going into the meet. Any thoughts?

As you’re using deca I guess you won’t be tested anytime in the next 18 months?

Go with Tren, especially if you’re between weight classes. The Dbol is a nice idea but if you’re 6 weeks from the meet and only do 4 weeks of dbol you will backslide a bit those finaly 2 weeks