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When I site sources for my presentation in the next 2 weeks I’ll just have a google slide with one bullet point saying “cycloneengineer”

Thanks a ton cyclone, I’m just seeing this now so I definitely have to reread that tomorrow. (Was writing a scholarship essay and genuinely enjoying it, where did the time go? Lol)


Oooh engineering goodness!

Hope it’s ok to chip in on @cyclonengineer log.

Scaffolding is typically pin jointed, so minimal bending forces on the members. Mainly compression but some of those members can be in tension (diagonal braces for example). In stating that, some bending in the members that support the walkways.

Review the load paths under different conditions to determine loads as they are transferred through your structure. eg, when worker is on the scaffold, that load is transferred along the plank then down into the support members below.

Load direction? Worker (live load), force is down (gravity). Wind could be from any direction (side force typically, thus bracing etc rqd)

I’m tutoring some 4th year engineering students and their course lacks plenty in regard to load paths, so some of the students here don’t even appreciate these things.

Structural failure - warping, bending, failure at connections (to ground, to existing structure, scaffolding joints etc). Base/ground support movement Collapse! (bad, could result in injury, death)

Hope this helps @tlgains in addition to CE’s great info.


It’s more than okay. I need more engineering discussions in general in my life.

One of the things I thought of is that scaffolding like this could be prone to severe weather damage (rust, mainly) which would greatly weaken affected members.

One thing to keep in mind about loading on materials: shear stress usually causes failure much sooner than tensile stresses (google shear stress for quick explanations). Most things in the scaffold should see minimal shear unless there is a giant wind blowing directly on the side (or an earthquake I guess).

Not sure how much of this you actually need @tlgains but raven has a lot of great points too.


This was not something I saw in undergraduate school until I took advanced aerospace structures (oddly similar idea to the loading of scaffolding to be honest). It seems like something they should incorporate more of into engineering school. Basic statics and mechanics of materials doesn’t cover it.


Late to the engineering party (is there such a thing?) but to awesome points listed above I would like to emphasize corrosion - its effect both on tensile and shearing stress.

In your scaffolding example @tlgains , if we were to take a practical example, chances are that if there’s a catastrophic failure - collapse of a part or a full one - it’s related to corrosion. Usually due repeated re-utilization of a scaffold and improper storage of the beams in the interim period, usually around the joints, which is then exacerbated by a significant load or a wind gust.



Git Up, Pick ‘em up
2 rounds of
6 Turkish get ups (3 consecutive per side)
Immediately into
3 150 pound sand bag pick up to chest/full stand - drop to floor

Done in 10:55
Goal is to do this for 5 rounds

Much tougher than it sounds.

Followed by
Hangboard pull-ups 3x5, 4, 3
Hydrocore bag side to side swings 1x100
Band pull aparts red band x50
Red band OH Tricep extensions 2x17, 15 each arm



39 minutes treadmill hike.



Red band pull aparts x50
Alternating KB swings 16kg x50
KB cleans 16kg 2x10 each arm
Hydrocore side to side swings x50
Kettlebell halos 16kg 2x20
Kettlebell Press (Pavel Style) 16kg 11 each arm
Hydrocore Snatch 2x15
Gray band with Fat Gripz chest press 2x 10, 10
Orange band Flyes 2x15



Walked around the zoo with my daughters this morning - probably around 1.5 miles

Treadmill hike - 31 minutes.

Contemplating forgoing the idea of a power rack and going completely kettlebells, maces and the like or cheaping out and just getting squat stands.


Stands are where its at. High speed/low drag. Put them away when you are done.

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Kettlebell swings 26kg 4x25
Hangboard pull-ups 3x 6, 4, 4
Gray band one arm rows w/Fat Gripz 3x12, 11, 11
Band pull apartsx 50

Short intense workout today. Still feeling the workout from Friday (lots of lifts I don’t normally do). Plan for tomorrow is to do Git Up, Pick ‘em Up for all 5 rounds as a benchmark time


Git Up, Pick ‘em up
5 rounds of
6 Turkish get ups 16kg KB (3 consecutive per side)
Immediately into
3 150 pound sand bag pick up to chest/full stand - drop to floor

Done in 37:03

Benchmark time for this killer workout. Sounds so simple but is quite brutal. Will have to video next time.

Definitely keeping this one and hereby putting a trademark on it.


I was curious what this was: sounds fantastic!

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First time I have felt enough intensity to resort to a lifting belt in a while. Good feeling to push it hard again.

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35.5 minutes treadmill hike.

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Question for you:
I had a meeting with my dietitian yesterday and talked her about following the pulse - feast method of eating (for the most part, I use protein shakes and carrots/ whole milk greek yogurt since Mag-10 is crazy expensive). She stated that eating the large meal at night could slow down weight loss (due to metabolism at night). Everything i have seen from respectable studies and reviews from guys like Layne Norton state that above all else calories in vs out are what matters for weight loss. What are your thoughts on larger meals at night (I usually eat before 730 pm and hit the hay around 10pm)?

I only have about 10 lbs to drop to hit my goal of 270lbs by memorial day, but I would like to lean out and perhaps build some muscle while doing this (I think recomp is possible, I have some fat to burn and can keep protein up).

I’m firmly in the calories-in vs calories-out camp. My only concern with eating large quantities late in the day is the potential to negatively impact sleep quality. If you don’t find that happening and you’re seeing continued progress - then I say, keep on keeping on!!


Are you saying you have carrots and whole milk Greek yogurt together? Is there a particular reason for that combo? Does it replicate Mag-10 in some way?

I’ve heard people say this but never looked into it much. Has there been research that shows this is the case? Or does it usually just depend on the individual?

No I usually eat one or the other. Mag 10 has some carbs in it and Caesin, as does Greek yogurt. Fats in greek yogurt help keep me full.

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Thanks for the reply.
I thought it sounded a bit off when I heard it. Have not seen sleep disruptions at all. I will keep at it.

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