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10K Swing Challenge Workout 11

4 rounds in the usual way
Last round rest pause for all 100 reps.

26KG bell
Completed in 34:38 New PR

This challenge plus the treadmill work has definitely been helping my recovery. My heart rate comes down significantly faster than it used and over the last 6 weeks my resting HR has been 69 compared to the previous 6 month average of 79 (at least according to my Apple Watch). A 12.6% improvement.


36 minute treadmill walk.

Later cleaning out the yard of twigs and leaves the storm blew down

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34 minutes treadmill hike.


10k KB swing challenge workout 12

5 rounds of the usual with push-ups for assistance.

Completed in 37:38

It’s starting to feel like the first 200 are simply a warm up for the last 300.


Low back has been jacked up last couple of days. I don’t know if I slept funny (my youngest had a sleep study on Tuesday and I had to sleep in a really crappy twin bed in the room next to her) or something but I look crooked.
Going to try and realign it with yoga later.

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Worked through the grumpy back for
10K KB swing challenge workout 13

26KG bell

Same as usual.
Finished in 43:02. (Longer because of the low back pain).

I am ready for this challenge to be over. Only 3500 swings to go.


25 minutes treadmill work


10K swing Workout 14
26Kg KB

4 rounds of the usual
Last round done rest pause to 100

Completed in 35:35


Medium intensity treadmill work - 25 minutes.

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10K swing workout 15
26 kg KB

4 rounds of the usual
Last round rest pause to 100

Completed in 37:00

During the last 50 of round 2 felt something shift in my back with a nice bit of pain. Kept going and worked on stretching it during rest periods. Slowed my down a bit and feels like it forced more of the swing into my hamstring to pick up the stabilizing slack.

Day off tomorrow. Probably some yoga to realign my back.


Dude, I have no idea if you ever feel the urge to put the gloves on again, but I saw this crazy deal and you’re the only OG I could think of that might have some XL hands and not be afraid to rock the pink

Thanks for the heads up. They would be awesome. The guys I use to train with painted their toenails neon colors to distract the other guy in the cage…

I would love to do it again but I make too much with my head now so I don’t know if it’s a great idea.

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Any hour of climbing at the indoor gym today.
Back is still grumpy and yelling at me but I can walk today.

Gotta be more intensional with form on my swings next workout.

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10K KB swing challenge workout 16

5 rounds of the usual with 26KG bell

Took it a bit slower to protect the lower back.
Completed in 40:06

Low back made it through just fine thankfully. 4 more workouts to go.


30 Minutes treadmill work - completed the virtual tour of Snowdonia National Park (Wales) on iFIT. Surprisingly, virtually hiking around makes cardio much more tolerable.
Next up is a “Hike to Everest Base Camp” series.

Tomorrow: More Swings.


Mental Status off today
36 minutes on the treadmill.

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37 minute treadmill hike.


12/2 AM

32 minutes treadmill hike.

Swings a little later on.

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12/2 PM workout

10K Swing Challenge workout 17

5 rounds of the Rx with 26Kg bell

Completed in 38:20


Spent the day walking around Orlando science center with my daughters

KB swing challenge workout 18

5 rounds of the usual with a 26Kg bell

Completed in just under 39 minutes.

For some reason today my forearms were so pumped that I could barely hold the KB in the last round. Not sure if I subconsciously changed my grip or my body was just being weird but my toes almost took a hit today.