Cyclodextrin Pin Gauge? Length?

Hey guys, quick question i’m not to clear on…

I am fronting a 15 week Cyp/EQ cycle with some test cyclodextrin 50mg/day.

I dont like the IM shots for the suspension, so i grabbed some of this product. Its injected SubQ ED…

I’m guessing a 23g, maybe 1" or 3/4" length? … not really sure?

your help is appreciated.

1/2" insulin needle should do the job.

Thank you. Is an insulin spike a standard guage?

There is no fixed gauge for insulin needles. They range normally from 25G to 31G.

Quick question though. Although cyclodextrin are meant to be endotoxin controlled, from what I read a lot of the cyclodextrin that is available is not endotoxin free? Are you not worried about the chance of inducing fever or worse by injecting this subQ?