Cyclist Strength Training Program?

Age: 21 years old
Sex: Male
Height: 6’0 / 183cm
Weight: 92.5kg / 204lbs
Bodyfat: 25-30%

Hi i’ve cycling for almost two months now and i really love it. I am still fairly week and after a 65 to 75km ride i am so tired. I want to incorporate a program that will help me to be stronger, faster and to ride longer. I also want to shred some body so i can attack hills/mountains more efficiently and faster.

Does someone has a beginner program i can follow aligned with my goals? I can workout 3-5 times a week. Also, i only have resistance bands and bodyweight as an equipment but i have plenty of colors to choose some of it has high resistance.

About nutrition. I am still growing so i just avoid fatty foods and junk foods. But you can give some tips what diet should i do or use to achieve my goal. Thank you in advance T Nation forums!

Found this on the website