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Cycling with Low T


Ive been on test for about 7 weeks 600mg/wk... and I was wondering how to cycle off if you were diagnosed with low T. I have to take test regardless so I said fuck it why not do a cycle. but am concerned about how I should cycle off or perhaps down...since my body does not produce test like it should.


You were on HRT prior to the cycle?


Just drop to your TRT dose (100mg/wk?), if you are also prescribed HGC continue to use it. Were you using an AI on this cycle? Did you have one prescribed along with your TRT?

More info is needed.


sorry guys i have been away but yes I was prescribed 200mg test e every week and 1mg anastazole 3x week but I am taking 600mg week and no ai unless needed ....


Then like Game said, just go back to your HRT, using the same protocol you used before the cycle.


Thanks guys


I am thinking of going a total of about twelve weeks....and then going back to one inj. every week and then down to every other week.


Well...that's a bad idea. Once a week is acceptable to some, but I would never inject Enathate/Cypionate less often than every three days. Every other week is unacceptable, as you will more than likely run into problems. It is a good policy to keep blood levels as steady as possible, so inject as often as possible.


my regular hrt schedule is once weekly..... but during this cycle i have been on 3x week.


would be much better to just lessen the amount and continue with every 3 days
or every other day
I find 2x week is fine for longer esters


2x/wk is E3.5D and with the half life of the shortest and most common long ester being around 5 days.. that is more than ample.


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