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Cycling while on TRT

I was recently put on TRT, test cyp 120mg/week. The facility I use for TRT does monthly labs.

I am curious as to what types of cycles I can continue to do that won’t raise my test levels above what my TRT treatment will. They may get very suspicious if I do a cycle and come back with a test level of 2000+, and possibly end my TRT.

Specifically, what types of compounds can I run? My goals are really only strength based(I am a powerlifter) although I would like to do a pretty serious cutting cycle in spring.

None. Everything is going to elevate your numbers and will be impossible with monthly labs. You need to find a dr who will let you do injections at home and checks labs once every 6 months or so. Or go UGL. But your right if you show up and have test at 2000+ they’re gonna fire you.

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So compounds like deca and tren, including dry orals like winny, will elevate my test levels?

Deca and tren will throw your e2 numbers out of whack because they show up on some blood work as e2 (I don’t know the mechanics of this so you can google around and get a better answer). Winstrol won’t show up on the basic blood work, but it will throw your liver values and cholesterol off a bit, so that may lead to questions. For pure strength with minimal red flags in your blood you may be able to get away with anadrol. May. I certainly am not recommending that because I don’t want to be responsible for you losing your trt. Your best bet is what Jackolee said, namely finding a dr that doesn’t test monthly. That’s a very prohibitive schedule. I assume you’ve cycled before?

Yes, I have cycled before. TRT is a new thing for me. They just put me on 120 test cyp/week, 500iu hcg/week, and 1mg adex /week.

Could you elaborate about anadrol possibly working?

I think I would be alright if a few of my labs were off, however I will assume that if my test levels are really jacked that I will lose my trt.

What about SARMS? Would they be more feasible?

My doc test every 6 months. To me that’s a hassle. I have an appointment on Feb 22nd and I’m chomping at the bits to get it behind me so I can do a legit blast. Run your trt and doc shop in the meantime. My endo doesnt even stipulate what bloodwork she wants to see. I could come in with numbers for tt ft and e2 and she would give me a high five and send me home. She is such a sweet little Indian girl lol. It’s such a joke I wish I could just go ugl but I need the script for travel.

My insurance is covering my trt, I only have to pay $55 a month for the test, hcg, ai, and the labs.

I am definitely considering trying to see and endo and maybe see if they will take me on as a trt patient.

55 bucks a month for a 38 dollar bottle of testosterone (that could last 6 months on trt), hcg you dont need and an ai you dont need along with bloodwork which is probably the rock solid bare minimum panels you dont need.

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what makes you say hcg isn’t required man?

#1 reason… because it ain’t.
#2 reason… not only is it not required but it adds yet another layer of complication due to polypharmacy. I cant tell you how many threads I’ve seen with guys struggling to fight out of control estrogen issues on hcg.
#3 reason… dont ask me for a dissertation on the subject but desensitization is supposedly a real issue on long term hcg use.

I hear you, however I’m struggling to understand. Isn’t it crucial for those on trt (or b+c for that matter) to preserve fertility? I ask because I’ve come to that time where I’m coming towards the end of my blast and am reading up on throwing hcg into the mix. As for estrogen, my levels are up there with premenopausal women, however I have had no sides for the past 10 weeks. I suppose hcg could tip me over the edge. Thanks for the reply man.

Hey boss. I’m not a doctor and dont listen to anything I have to say. That being said… look into hcg desensitization. It’s my understanding that it’s real. If fertility is a concern and your cycling then your taking risk. Freeze sperm to ensure that when your ready to make that leap you have a back up plan. From what I’ve heard from trusted individuals due to desensitization you only want to use hcg when your ready to have kids. Have that discussion with Mrs Right and make sure your both on the same page and ready to conceive a child. Hcg is not required. It just kicks the boys back into gear when you need them. Some people use it for cosmetic reasons to combat testicular atrophy but it’s silly. Atleast to me it seems silly.

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