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Cycling While on TRT


My apologies if this has already been addressed, but I was curious to know what experiences people have had cycling while also being on TRT. I've just finished the PCT from my last cycle and am about to go on TRT for the next 2 months (250mg test e per week and 250hcg eod) until I start my next cycle.

Is there any reason to do PCT if I go directly into TRT after the end of my next cycle? It seems like there might be some benefit in stimulating natural test production after a cycle or is this completely unnecessary once you go on TRT?


TRT is for life.

If you are on TRT its assumed you dont have much or any natural test production to worry about


You've just finished PCT and you are about to go on TRT - and at 250 mg/week? Have you had hormonal testing done? Are you under a doctor's supervision, or are you just blasting and crusing? TRT is for life, as BONEZ said, and it involves a lot more than simply injecting test in between cycles.


Yes, I got an "evaluation" from one of the life extension clinics down in Florida and got a prescription for Test e and HCG. I'm going to see an endocrinologist in a couple of weeks though and see how receptive he is to the whole idea of TRT.

I guess I'm just trying to gauge whether people on TRT still go on say 2 cycles per year. I suppose this is more blasting and cruising as opposed to TRT.


Lots of guys on TRT pretty much blast and cruise. just get your blood work done periodically and adjust your proctivces accordingly., Watch your RBCs and blood lipids. When they get out of whack go down to a true TRT of 125 mg/w. If RBCs and Hct gets to high donate a pint of blood. It's good to do that every 3-4 months regardless.


Okay. I've gotta know. Does giving blood actually improve your blood measures like this or are you saying "it's good to do" mostly from a social/good karma aspect?


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