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Cycling vs. Variation in Parameters


hi folks,

man thanks for helping me out on my last thread its great.

With a kind of WM Style I got stronger about 30pounds on the bench-I couldn?t believe it and I am really excited about it.

My programm was like this

10x3 day 3x12 day 6x6 day
then I switched to
7x3 3x12 6x6 (constant paramters on the last two days cause I still got progression)
3x3 5x5 6x4
this is were i am now.

My question is related to the further planning of the programm.
After stagnating 2 years i am SO happy that I found sth.that worked-so i want to plan training properly that I still can surf on the supercompensation wave.

I had 2 thoughts:

1.Switching now to a cycling style, which means:


3x12 5x10 6x6


5x5 10x3 6x4

4-6 weeks

3x3 7x2 9x1

and again from the beginning.

This training is CW approved-per pm he told me that this plan looks sufficient.

The other point I thought of rotating paramters more free style like:


Now my train is like mentioned before:

3x3 5x5 6x4

I thought that when I am stagnating in one of these paramters,(like 3x3)I only switch this one:

6x6 5x5 6x4

If I am then stucked in the 5x5 scheme i go to:

6x6 4x10 6x4

and so on..

Which one do YOU think is the better way for progress and variation?




oh guys come on-how do u handle this?


I think the variations you provided are too similar to each other. Try to vary the loads, volume, density.

I don't think its a good idea to have 6x6 and 5x5 in the same week.

Maybe something like this

6x3 (85-90%), 3x8 (65-70%), 4x6/5x5 (75-85%)

Try to keep rest times short for 3x8, 45-60 secs.

What are your goals? What qualities do you want to develop?

Maybe you could use another Waterbury program as a follow up. (SFM, QD, AOW)


HI the truth24,

i am glad to have reply from you!

this is in my eyes also the problem:the similarity.
But my plan is based on the set rep bible.U know it for sure.
And i am afraid,that similarity is the danger in the bible,if you want to train in a apecific zone.(means:hyp plus strenght/hypertr only/fat loss)

When I regard the scheme for hypertr plus strenght,I find in the bible following:

80-90%rpm 75-180sec rest 24-36 reps

So what fits in general is:

10x3 5x5 6x6 6x4 8x3 6x5 7x5...

So when u are moving in a scheme like 24-36 u can?t avoid to have some similarity in your train-but i also think about it.
Whar are chads suggestions?

My goal is hypertr.and strength,both is important for me.

Do you think its useful to follow the guidlines of the TBT from chad?
(only thing i think about is,that the parameters are not really in common with his set rep bible)

I like the idea of tbt,but I wouldn?t do the whole programm (cause I don?t like the weekly change of parameters-I know variation is important-but 3 different parameters,which stay constant for some weeks,are enough for me.With this weekly constant change,in the TBT I am not able to see my progress and I have to adjust weekly the weight,to find the right one for the given parameter.When I found it,the next weeks parameter on the same day is different again I have to find the weight which fits again...I don?t see a logic behind this...)
out of the tbt i only would pick 3 paramters:
2x15 6x6 and 3x8

for 6 weeks and return to my programm again.

Thank you for your idea-from where do u have taken these paramters you suggest.

Do u think my brain?storming makes sense?

thank you=)


Hey Science, Glad to offer my two cents.

You must remember that there is always a slight carryover between rep zones, so don't be afraid to deviate a little bit.

Assuming that hypertrophy and strength are your only goals (disregard for speed-strength), then I would suggest alternating between a week of hypertrophy emphasis and a week of strength emphasis. This is an idea pulled from CT's Pendulum Periodization, which I think you would find interesting.

Back to your question. Something looking like this might suit you?

4x6 3-4x10 3x10-12
-The 4x6 will be sufficent to mantain your strength while also providing a growth stimulus, while the other two parameters will help put on total hypertrophy.

10x3 4x6 4-6x3

Let me know if you have any more questions.

-The Truth24


Hi There. I am very interested in this type of training. I am going to go through the Set/Rep bible, but wanted also to ask: are you using fullbody workouts for these? If so, any in particular from this site or one which you devised yourself?



Hi the truth24,

thank you very much for your reply again.I am greatful!
Related to your suggestions:They sound nice!
Especially I think,it will be possible to make this plan a long time cause of the variation involved!
Good stuff-thank you,but how is the long term plan?

In which scheme I should go,if i stagnate with this programm?

I also thought of chads "diversity for hypertrophy" because its a absolut new scheme for my body after this 5x5 3x3 10x3 4x10 stuff.

I am a little bit afraid,that your plan will be too similar to mine.

As mentioned the original plan I followed was:

day1 day2 day3

10x3 / 4x6-6x6 / 4x10-4x12
then I switched to
7x2 / same / same
then switched to
3x3 / 5x5-7x5 / 6x4-9x4

the first planj I made about some months. The last one is about 3-4 weeks old.

See? I am afraid,that through my rotating,your paramters are a bit too similar (but i like this 2 week switching idea-indeed!)

Where are your paramters taken?
I thought of stayin in the set rep bible zone,if I do your kind of training:

1week hyp,strenght:

4x6 5x8-6x8 4x10-4x12

1 week
10x3 5x5 3x3 (waterburys recomm.of 9-15 reps for maximum force-not included in the bible)

See-the plan is quite similar too this one i actually do and I did some weeks ago-don?t you think this is too similar?

Thats why I thought about diversity for hypertrophy of Chad. I am sure u know it.
There you have a paramter for hyp/strength (well the rest period is quite short for strenght but the reps and weight is sufficient i think) and other paramters (30 reps and stuff) for diversity.

What ya think is better.
Thank you very much for your help and coins=)




A good decision.With this schemes I wasable to push my bench about 20-30 punds up! Thats great.

The set rep bible is taken for whole body workouts,thats right.
It is not neccessary to search for a given programm,you are able to make it yourself!
Be sure to stay in the range Chad recommands,that each workout is different from the other-related to rest,exercise,weight and set/reps.
Thats it!


Hey Dr. Reiterer,

There was recently an undulating article post. It has some great information, and will give you ideas of how rotate your rep schemes.

You can also googled the terms "Daily Undulating Periodization". There are tons of info on it.

-The Truth


thank you for your help the truth-but I don?t get,why did u call me "scince".

thank you much!