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Cycling vs Staying On


I tried to search the section for previous threads about cycling steroids vs staying on constantly, but I only found a 5 year-old thread. Has anyone here or does anyone know people who stay on instead of cycling and what would be the pros and cons of both?

I recall Louie Simmons advocating staying on and since he’s a very successful powerlifter, I started wondering if one method is superior to the other when it comes to long term strength development. To me, staying on a relatively low dosage seems like the more logical and appealing approach in terms of both long term health and development.


I personally stay on all the time for “TRT” reasons. (250mg per weeks is a little over TRT dosing) I do occasionally blast at 500mg weekly for 10 to 15 weeks then go back down to 250mg weekly.

I’m 41 and have two kids, so I don’t PCT or take HCG. So I’m on 250mg (at least) for the rest of my life. I can’t compare it to someone the cycles on and off as I’ve never cycled off.

Good luck on whatever you do.


I’ll probably wait for another 5 years when I turn 30 before I seriously consider going on a cycle or for good. 250-300 was the amount I was thinking of for perpetual use. By then, I will probably have kids if I even decide to have them so no worries on that department.


I’ve been on trt 3.5 years never off, just now running extra trt between visits with doc.
Bad things my uralagist told me never stopping, might be 50/50 chance of producing enough sperm to conceive after a run of clomid. You can have sperm frozen though for later use. Dorian Yates said after he was done bodybuilding he managed to conceive after all his test and sperm were shut down brough it up conceived, then went on trt.

Most of your pro,s never realy go off, they just drop your exotic stuff and stick with lower dose test between cycles , remember they have make apperances, to make endorsement etc. Jay cant be a flabby 200lbs and endorse product.

Louis Simmons had an article where he has been on for 30 plus years, mainly deca on laurabolin, a little test here and there, but no anadrol , or anything thingcrazy.

My doctor told me 200test and deca weekly, would be very safe , long term, better then opiates for joint pain.

It up to you , iam fine just would like to a arimedix script though, as the water retention is a bit of issue.


I’ve been on 3 years, right now, TRT doses (around 250mg test per w), I do some blast with boldenone, but I already used Tren, Primo, and other stuff… right now, me and my wife trying to have a kid, using some HCG for a while, but having hard times to make it work. I’m almost 35 Yo and competed before, best place was 4º in state championship. I’m done with competing but stay ON. Steroids changed my life in a good way, it brought me confidence… it made me feel a better person. I was depressed before steroids, treated by psychologists with fucking pills that made feel worst. I aways loved bodybuilding, the way you can change your body comp, your size and transform your self. I started with 32 to 33, for competing reasons, but I felt so well, I’d never stop. Staying ON will cost you some “things”: health (if U don’t know what you’re doing, don’t monitore blood, etc), money (U’ll have to buy this fucking steroids forever), concerns (you’ll have to buy hormone and sometimes, you’ll not find what you need, and sometimes, changing supplier is not a good feeling…), you’ll have to inject your self forever or as long as you want to stay ON (at the beginning is OK, you want it, but after a while, you may suffer with thoughts of pinning your self…), there are many things you’ll need to administrate, such as travels, work, etc… You need to be convinced, be a man, And bear all the consequences. Staying ON may cause you some problems with having a child too… even doing HCG/ proviron, clomid, etc, there are a level of supression making it diffcult sometimes.


I almost quit a couple weeks in on my 125mg test-e TRT regime as my doctor was at first reluctant to prescribe it until my bad cholesterol got back to normal (it was high 200s); the bloat was insane and I was having slight chest pains. Unbeknownst to him, at the time, I was cycling with orals only and this caused the spike. As soon as it normalized, I got a script for adex it has been great ever since.

Hope you can find a solution for this… it’s the only downside to TRT / cycling that I can see. @Thiago_Monteiro makes some great points, and, for the most part, I agree with everything.


I always clean diet up before my blood test, i have been running 600test, weekly though and my bp was 110/70 monday.
The orals seem to more harm then good, plus hard on liver i think there is a subcutaneous arimedix.
Which probably zap that 15 lbs water retention.