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Cycling Volume and Intensity Templates? Training w/ Limited Equipment

Hi everyone,

I wondering 2 subject about 5/3/1 …

1- I want to manage my cycles sometimes more Volume 5/3/1 templates and sometimes more intensity 5/3/1 template like Restpause method or etc. How to cycle them for optimal results?

2- I want to focus more Press (OHP) and Dips lift, I have Squat rack,Rings,Pullup bar,Adjustable Db’s,Barbell and Zbar and a lot ot weight. I dont want Benching,instead Ringpushup,Weighted Dips,Weighted Barbell pushup i wanna focus more them like assistance for my OHP and of course Aesthetic look. Im not powerlifter,i want getting strong on Press and gaining size,mass for my upperbody how should i manage my template and lifts?

Thank you.

Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but for an answer to question 1 - Read the book(s) forever programming does exactly what you ask for.

Question 2 - I’m not the one to answer that. But if you really want to blow up the press, check out the 531 beach body challenge. Or any of the press focussed full-body templates in forever.


Thank you for your answer.
I’ve 5/3/1 Forever book and i think that Leader and Anchor segment about that Volume to Intensity huh? I asking because my English not soo well,for that reason im signup here and asking my questions basicly :slight_smile:

I really focusing OHP and Dips but how should i do optimally,i dont really know.

Sounds like you got your answer to question #1: leader and anchors.

For the second question, I suggest:

Use weighted dips instead of Bench as one of your main lifts. This works just fine, and I have done it. I used 8’s PRO’s (straight sets of 8 instead of 5’s), and then BBB (5x10) as the supplement. I liked 8’s PRO because sets of 5 (even weighted) don’t seem as appropriate for dips. I have used both ring dips and normal dips, with ring dips being tougher but better.

Then, on DL and Squat days, be sure to pick DB presses as an assistance. You can push these pretty hard. I would also try to fit in a couple V-taper workouts (from CT) each week, which consist of:

  1. 3 rounds of wide grip muscle snatches (3x3), holding the last rep overhead and walking 50 meters.
  2. Circuit of: 10 plate raises, 10 delt raises, 10 pull aparts.

I would do this before conditioning on one of they other 3 days of the week, and also before DL day. I would adjust DL day by only doing something like 5x3 as the supplemental work.

Good luck.

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That BBB 5x10 work mean OHP or something else ?

I can do Weighted Dips 5s pro and BBB lift OHP variant (db press or pin overhead press height my chin level)

And other upperbody day 5s pro OHP and BBB bw dips 5x10 ??

How to add upperback work these days ? Kroc Row,Kirk Shrug,Chinups weighted and bw volume Pullup etc. ?

I mean this:

Main lift: Dips. keep adding weight for the main work up as you normally would, but do sets of 8 instead of 5. For the BBB sets, drop to you FSL weight (let’s say +25 lbs) and do 5x10. It’s recommended that you do the same lift for both your main work and supplement. Use this day to replace bench.

Extra shoulder work: Pick assistance that gets this done: DB presses, plate raises. If you need more work, throw in an extra assistance day with lat raises, rear deal raises, snatches, etc… Depending on your goals and schedule, consider reducing volume on dead lifts so you can get extra shoulder work in that day.