Cycling Through a Doctor?

Hey everyone new here to the forum not new to the weight room. I just competed in my first NPC show and am looking to do more. I have been training for about 8 years now and I am 25. I just got some pretty good health insurance and I was looking into TRT OR HRT through a doc sounds pretty promising that I’m not going to be denied, I would rather go through a doctor besides the obvious legality issues but also I get to have my blood monitored.

Anyways my question is to veteran gear users who know a thing or two. Is going to a TRT clinic a good route as a beginner? Or am I not going to see the results that I want without going through a dealer? I am also on a very good and monitored diet.

If you get on TRT at lets say 200-250mg absolute tops your not going to se a ton. Def a improvement but compared to 1000mg it’ll be Childs play.

I am no vet, but i’m on trt and my doc only does bloodwork every 6months and well… I’m sure you can put 2 and 2 together

Edit: if you have ins. Don’t go to a clinic or antiaging place, find an endocrinologist or sports med doctor. A clinic would probably give you a higher dose and be more lienient but i’m not sure they accept insurance

@reed thanks man and @eatliftsleep yeah the place im looking into takes insurance but thanks guys fro the replys kind of gives me some insight.