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Cycling thermo's?????

I know your supposed to cycle thermogenics (the ones with caffiene) 4weeks on 4weks off, 6weeks on 4weeks off, etc. But when I don’t take the pills I really notice a difference. I feel sluggish and such. Is there a non-caffiene pill that I could take during my off time from the Thermo’s that would keep my energy up there? Or something else? Thank you guys!

I have a few suggestions for you. Obviously Power Drive is one of the best ones…try it if you haven’t. Other than that, Vinpocetine is one I really like; in fact, I usually stack it w. PD. GNC Natural Brand makes a 5 mg. dose with green tea extract that is pretty inexpensive. Yohimbine can help if you’re not already getting it with your ECA stack. I just started taking acetyl l-carnitine (powder from Beyond A Century) along with phosphatidylserine, and this stuff is amazing at proper doses, but it isn’t cheap.

have you noticed any fat loss effect from the acetyl-l-carnitine??? Ive been really thinking of adding it to my powerdrive before workouts with caffeine.

I doubt it’s gonna help w. fat loss, although I have seen the studies that show a little greater fat oxidation w. 2+ gram doses. I’m already about as lean as one can get naturally, so I don’t expect to see a difference there, but I think it is excellent for focus/energy if you take the proper doses (I use 5 g.). BAC has by far the cheapest stuff…I paid $9.75 for 50 grams of the powder (10 workouts’ worth at 5 g. doses). You could start lower, like 3 g. This is what CP initially recommended, but now he’s going much higher. Compared to the pills that is a steal. It’s really helping with those dreaded a.m. Meltdown workouts.