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Cycling Strength With Fat-Loss

hey guys 4 weeks ago i went on a strength training program and started at around 205 pounds and right now im at 215!! i ate a lot (was clean but sometimes ate fast food).

I look a lil bit fatter too but my bench increased 10 pounds and so did my squat. im a lil slower on the basketball court is this normal?

please help me on this since im very paranoid sorry. Its strength im gaining right, maybe a little fat too?

Do you guys think I should start cutting down fat right now and then after that start gaining muscle again and then losing fat again (keep rotating cycles)???

Personally, I find that Im able to keep most of my speed and quickness on the basketball court even when Im gaining weight. This cant always be the case, but if you keep running sprints and basketball drills that should help.

Dont eat fast food though. Thats not going to help your cause. The cleaner you eat the less paranoid youll have to be about fat gain.

well i did eat a lot of fast food while im on my diet…like i wouldnt eat one meal and replace it with fast food but i would still eat my other meals…

u think i should lose fat right now and get leaner but maintain strength and then start gaining muscle again but eat cleaner?

You should put your stats in your profile, first of all, or else its difficult to fully understand your situation.

Being a little slower and a lot stronger isn’t a bad thing if you play the post. If you’re a guard, you need to be as quick as possible. Without knowing your bodyfat % though, its hard to determine if your worries are unfounded or not.

If you feel that you need to be leaner and quicker than go that way, but this time pay more attention to your nutrition so you dont lose too much muscle in the process. You dont want to just keep going up and down in weight without making any progress in strength and bodyfat%.

Oh yeah also make sure that when you start to try to bulk up, cycle your calories up slowly so you dont gain weight. What I do is increase my calories by 100 each week while monitoring my bodyfat% and weight gain. 1-1.5 lbs of muscle a week is certainly ascertainable, but you really have to keep an eye on bodyfat% to know whats really going on.

If you do decide to lose fat make sure to cycle your calories down slowly to prevent muscle loss. Monitor your bodyfat% and strength either way.

Yes it is normal to get slower when you add 8+ pounds of fat. Realistically, you’re unlikely to be able to gain more than 2 pounds of lean body mass a month. Of course there are exceptions but most likely you’re not one of them. Ten pound gain on bench and squat can easily come without gaining any mass.

Also, just because you increase your 1RM squat doesn’t mean you’re going to get faster. The key is to be able to produce more force which means moving weights faster. Can you explode out of the hole with a squat of 80% 1 rm faster than you could before? If you can that’s a good indicator that you might be able to use that for running faster.

but everyone says i look bigger (more muscular) and a little bit fatter