Cycling Strength Gains

So I’ve noticed over the past few months that my strength gains will tend to move faster on one given lift then the others almost in cycles(bench, squat, dead are the main ones I’m referring to.) As I result of this I feel like I focus on the lift that’s progressing faster because I enjoy the gains. For example, ~2 months ago my squat started progressing pretty well, because of this I started squatting more and it shot up, then it seemed to slow down a bit and my deadlift took off. Then that slowed down and now I feel that my bench is starting to climb pretty quickly. Is this just because I’m shifting my mental focus or do you think there’s a physiological reason my lifts seem to be progressing cyclically?

Is it good that I seem to shift my focus like this? Bad?

Anything that leads to long term progress is a good thing. The answer could be both psychological and physiological; ineither case, you focus on one of three while maintaining the others - and letting their motor pattern get some rest. When you push a specific lift too hard, you can actually burn out and regress on this lift only; it’s probably due to exhaustion of the neural pathways to do with this specific movement. But that’s speculation.

Bottom line, and I repeat myself: if it works, keep doing it. No need to know why it works.

Sounds like its an approach thats giving you good progress so keep doing it.