Cycling Soon After PCT

FIrst off, the only reason I’m doing PCT instead of B&C is because I don’t want to deal with fertility issues when the time comes. So I’ve opted to PCT. Based on bushmasters recent post I’m going to continue HCG 3 weeks into pct of 20mg tamox ed and continue tamox for about 8 weeks total. I think after that I’m going to stay off everything for about 3-4 more weeks depending on how I feel and possibly get bloods. To me, as long as I recovered mildly and have increased my chances of avoiding azoospermia in the future then I’m fine with hopping back on and doing the same thing after my next cycle.

To summarize…

can i just hop back on a cycle a few weeks after completing pct even if im not fully recovered and have simply just allowed my body to be fertile again…thats all i care about in terms of recovery I will take the trt route after Im done having kids anyway…I just want some veteran advice and would love if it were accompanied by academic or scholarly research as well…thanks

no, for fuck’s sake just chill out and take some time off the juice

are you looking to have kids soon, or just preparing for doing the road a couple years?

I would say within 12-24 months.

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i believe it takes about 6 months post cycle for your sperm quality to return to normal…

you can still have kids while on cycle, but the odds decrease dramatically (remember, androgens have been shown to be effective at birth control for men).

i think as long as you use HCG on cycle and do a solid PCT after every cycle, then you will improve the odds of you having kids the best you can, other than not using steroids, at all…

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I dont understand when guys say the really want kids but are planning to/do use steroids…

Your physique is clearly more important to you than fertility lol… Quit pretending you care about recovery, you are already talking of going back on cycle straight after PCT…

Your plan should be to cycle off, have kids, then hit the juice again… not juice up again before kids if thats what you want!

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I figure if I come off and do a short reset after each cycle it will make it easier to have kids when the time comes…look for the academic study that says azoospermia from AAS use has been shown as of now to be 100% reversible in men. I just figure when I decide to actually do it Ill come off, hit clomid hard with some really high proviron doses and HMG but I figured rather than b&c ill just do a brief come off for 8 weeks or so then hit it again…PCT starts in about 3-4 weeks so I guess we’ll see. thanks guys