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Cycling Protein?

I’ve searched and found an article by one of the editors:

from a few years ago. It basically says to halve it until its down to to 20-40 grams (excluding veggies/carbs) and replace the protein calories with carbs for four weeks. I know Thibs has done a week of this with CrewPierce, but I don’t think it was down to 40 grams/day.

I wanted to know if others have tried it (and to what extent), what the results have been. Also, what does everyone think about it. I know (or think I know) the general consensus is and to keep protein constant and have carbs fluctuate. Thoughts on the subject?

I’m very skeptical.

I was, too, but I’m not sure if anyone has had any experience. And is Thib’s reduction of CrewPierce’s protein just enough/too much?

Wow… 4 weeks seems a little too long to be going on only 20-40g of protein.

that would be actually really REALLY hard. 1 shake is 20g…not to mention every person posting on this site eats meat, and alot of it, with every meal. So who knows what that would do

I think it would just be replacing carbs with the meat. Calories wouldn’t be cycled, just protein