Cycling on TRT, How to Avoid Showing on Bloodwork?

I was wondering others experience, or input, while cycling on TRT when having to do bloodwork. My doctor has appts every 3 months, and seems to request bloods every 6 months. I know 6 months in between appts is an adequate amount of time to return to baseline, but If I wanted to play it safer is there a way to run a cycle and return to normal levels within 3 months? Would compounds like test prop or NPP be realistic?

My doctor tests for total/free test and SHBG

Not looking to rush, just wanting to think and plan ahead.

Thanks for any input or advice.

If I were you, I’d leave NPP alone and just bump your TRT dose to about 500/week into 2 shots. Start right after your last blood test and run for 12 weeks.

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