Cycling Off With Sustanon

in Cy’s Steroids For Health 2003, he talked about coming off steroids with androgel, clomid, and ephedrine. he mentioned that if you didnt have access to androgel, 100mg test enanthate could be used instead. well, i dont have any enanthate, could an equal or lower dose of sustanon be used?

I dont think so, here’s why sustanon as you probably know is a blend of different testosterone esters. It contains 1 short, 1 long and 2 medium length esters, the 1 short and 2 medium would work fine and not suppress you for very long, but the 1 long ester would (test decanoate) it’s half life is 3-4 weeks. As where ethanate’s half life is ony 14 day’s. But hey I am new to this game and to be honest, I don’t know shit compared to some of the vets. maybe they can give you a better awnser.


First off, I want to say that Cy is MUCH smarter than me, and will forget more than I learn in my lifetime.

However, 100mg/wk of test is not “off”. There are much better PCT protocols than the one you are describing.

In short, no, I would not use sust as part of my PCT. Good luck


I concur with Sust not being a suitable replacement for Test E, at least in this scenario.

I must admit that I’ve never read the article you talk about, and it goes against everything I’ve learnt over the years about proper PCT.

I mirror what the guys above have said, in that Cy has immense knowledge, but 100gms of Test of ANY kind is certainly not ‘off’.

Having said that, I don’t know the science behind what Cy may have written, and I haven’t been able to find the article.

Here’s what I would do personally:

When the cycle ends, it does just that - it ENDS. No more steroids, AT ALL. Your boys downstairs are having a tough enough time firing up without getting confused with more test being dribbled into the system.

Get an anti-estrogen (preferably Nolvadex), get an anti-aromatase (preferably Aromasin), and if you can wrangle it get some HCG.

I’m not going to go into specifics, but I’d focus on the above three drugs, and leave test of any kind out of PCT.

That’s my perfect PCT stack, so to speak.
Hope it helps, and good luck!

thanks for the imput guys, i like the way in which you guys phrased your comments.

why bother with sust in the first place?!

test E or cyp…using prop at the end while your longer ester clears…running an AI during…agressive PCT. that is a better recipe for success.

fuck i guess i’m just in a piss poor mood cause i overlooked the question. i personally would not run long esters while waiting to start, or during PCT. seems counterproductive IMO.