Cycling Off T to Hcg?

We do not know why I have low T; primary, secondary, TBI, hypoxic event, etc. We will be cutting out T and going with straight Hcg for 6 weeks and will redo labs at that time.

I feel really good. My E2 is in the single digits. That must explain the hip and back pain. Since adjusting the dose a few days ago, in hopes of increasing the E2 the 20’s, the pain has subsided and I feel as though my T levels are increasing.

What can I expect from dropping the T and going with Hcg? I am really worried/bummed to stop the T. The thought is to see what the boys will do with Hcg.

Obviosuly I can go back on T and I do not have to go through the process, but in doing our diligence, my MD feels we need to truly deal with the etiology.

Comments, concerns???

Overlap T+hCG then taper off of T over a few of weeks. If the hCG works for you, you will not crash on low T levels. If you do not overlap, T will crash and there will be a recovery delay for your testes as hCG does its job.

If you hCG dose is too high, you might create a lot of E2.

It’s a logical experiment and KSman is right. Tapering the T would be a smart move. If you respond well to HCG it’s not bad. The reason I stopped HCG monotherapy is because of travel. It’s a royal pain in the ass to travel with something that needs to be kept cool. Long international flights create a problem. Now if I’m going on vacation for 10 days or so I’ll shoot and larger dose of HCG before I leave and then just take the T cyp with me. HCG monotherapy is also the more expensive route. On the bright side a lot of guys feel better on HCG mono than TRT with T cyp.

“On the bright side a lot of guys feel better on HCG mono than TRT with T cyp.”

If they are one of the few for which this works. Perhaps “a lot of guys” might be misleading.

Older guys typically have aging changes that prevent their testes from producing enough T.

Man, this is frustrating as I enjoy feeling good with the T and ADX. Hcg should have been employed early on, January/Feb, but we were experiementing. My new MD is going after the etiology fo my low T. Hcg is the next step in the algorythm.

500iu EOD for 6 weeks. I will inject T and 3 days later start the Hcg. Toward the end of the 5th week, we will test my T level. My most recent levles showed, I believe, my TT was at 1100 and my free was about 300.

I feel good for the most part. Little issues; perhaps a swollen prostate, hip/back pain. I feel like I have to pee all the time and I feel some pressure at my perineum. I dont feel symptomatic of a UTI. The hip/back pain seems to be subsiding with a change in the frequency of my ADX; 0.5 mg every 4 days. My E2 was single digit.

If i understand, I will feel crummy with straight Hcg and ADX. I love the T. Does GH ever come into play with hormone therapy? I sense we may be going down that road at some point.

Fire away…

How old are you? If you respond well to HCG you’ll feel fine. As for HGH I love the stuff but it’s not for everyone. I got more out of HGH than TRT.

Im in in mid 40’s. My MD feels as though because of an old injury, it might have causeed some brain damage which in turn is affecting my T production. I’m worried to go on straight HCG. I think we are close to finding the sweet spot with my well being and labs. I have insurance and Hcg runs about 100 bucks. What is the price for Hgh?