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Cycling off stimulants

What is the best way to avoid the dreaded physiological depression, brain fog, and low energy levels when coming off a cycle of E/C/A or other fat burning stack? Is it best to cycle the fat burners throughout the week…say 5 days on/ 2 days off, or 2 days on/1 day off etc?..Or is it better to just stay on for 6-8 weeks straight? When coming off I know things like high dose B12 and B-complex, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, gingko biloba, tyrosine, DMAE, and ginseng can help a little with the energy levels, but is there anything else?
Thanks in advance

Does 5-HTP help in this regard.

Try eliminating the ephedrine first and just going with caffine for a week, then taper off of that. Works well for me (I use 200mg caffine 3x a day during the first week and then go to 2x 200mg/day and finally my “baseline” 2 cups of coffee in the AM. I also keep a can of powerdrive handy, as it has virtually all of the stuff you need for a non-stimulant kick when you need it. If you go to zero caffeine, taper off more gradually to avoid the withdrawl headaches.

You mean we’re supposed to cycle off MD6 periodically? Now you tell me!
Seriously, I rarely quit using MD6, but the suggestion to keep using caffeine (which I use in addition to MD6 in the form of several cups of coffee, essential to me, per day) and double my PowerDrive consumption to 2x per day.