Cycling Off: How Long is Long Enough?

I’m just curious of some of you guys opinions on how long you usually cycle off? Some say stay off as long as you were on, others say different. What’s your thoughts?


Seriously there are so many different opinions on this. I guess mine is unless running more than 2 12-16 week cycles a year you should be off for roughly the same time. Other wise no real point in coming off

Just my opinion.

My opinion on this subject is that youa re run short cycle (less than 6 weeks long) with the same time off, which mean 2-6 on, 2-6 weeks off yeard round, or you just go on and never really go off, no reason to go on an 6 month cycle, if it is that you must go through a hell of a PCT and losing some big gains at the time it takes you to get back to normal.

there are 2 main opinions ppl have on this. Shorter cycles with shorter esters therefore shorter time “off” or 2 12-16 weekers a year. No real research on which is better its all just a matter of which you prefer

Get blood work done, before and after. Find out when you’re fully recovered, if you don’t care enough to find out if you’re recovered you may as well just blast and cruise.