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Cycling Macro Dominant Days?

Hi Paul, great article on focusing on single macros and “bro style eating”, I’m going to give this a try since I’ve been having a lot of trouble figuring out my diet. I do have a question, can you switch which macros are dominant on a daily basis? So for example, on Monday I eat higher carb lower fat, but then Tuesday high fat low carb? Does it matter or should I stick with one or the other for a period of time? My calories would be the same regardless, and I’m trying to slowly lose fat while gaining strength and size. I’m 45, been training for about a year and am probably hovering aroundThanks for any insight, love your articles here!

Oops, meant to say hovering around 25 percent body fat at 5’8 and 220 pounds.

On non training days I essentially go no carb, or basically just get carbs from veggies. I up the fats on those days. I outline this in the SSP. Carbs are peri workout and post workout, and then pretty much nothing outside of those times or on non lifting days. So you’re on the right track in terms of what I recommend.

Awesome thanks for the response Paul!

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