Cycling HCG. Should I Wait Until After Traveling?

I’ve been talking to my urologist (Dr Rotman) about my options to preserve fertility without having to stay on HCG, as it’s costly and typically makes me feel worse. He suggested cycling it a couple times a year for a month at a time.

I’m doing some travel to look at new places to live, and will be gone for 4-6 days every week for the next month or so. Obviously flying with HCG is tough as far as keeping it cold.

Would you guys suggest waiting?

Yep, wait til you’re settled in. I just restarted my cycle. Had to stop because I felt shitty and needed to confirm it was or wasnt HCG. It wasnt so I resumed a couple of weeks later. Woke up today with hanging balls, and feeling great. Glad your doc recommended cycling it. Its been my preferred method.

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How has your experience been with Dr. Rotman? I went to him due to seeing him recommended quite a lot on TRT forums, but the experience hasn’t been great. Could you share what levels/dosage he has you at?

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Sure, currently 184mg/week. Keeps my FT around 35-40 which has always been my bigger issue. He’s been flexible and I’ve considered dropping it a bit, I just have other things going on in my life and can’t really deal with that slight 8 week slump right now.

He’s a really smart guy but definitely a little strange in his own way. See if you can talk to a PA/NP there, one that I spoke with before was really amazing.