Cycling for Those in Sensitive Jobs

I wanted to start this thread because I often get asked what is the best cycle for someone that needs to keep their usage on the DL because of work or family or whatever…

Basically my recommendation is usually something like:

  1. 2 week cycles (aka 2 on 3 off, 2 on 4 off)

Use a short cycle with short acting compounds (test prop, NPP, Tren Ace, Mast Prop, and orals) that way you will get a small fluctuation in weight (maybe 10-15 pounds at the peak of the cycle over your regular weight).

You can use a fairly high dose with few sides because of the short duration but you still want to keep things reasonable so you don’t get too bloated…somewhere between about 500mg-1400mg/w total androgens is probably the best area to be in.

If using orals something like Anavar or Oral Turinabol which has less water retention would be a good option or Anadrol stacked with Winstrol at a low dose. DBol is def not something that flies under the radar well because of the high degree of water retention.

If you want to keep bloat to a minimum it would be wise to use a low dose of Adex/Letro/ASin to reduce estrogen. Nolva would be a decent option if no AIs are available as it will also help to drop some water. High dose vitamin C will also flush you out.

Keeping low carb also helps so running a diet high in protein and fat is probably the way to go if you wanna stay dry.

this way you will get some assistance with breaking through plateaus and overall you should steadily be slowly gaining weight through the year. You should have minimal shutdown after two weeks of use and may also see a bit of a rebound in test between cycles.

You will of course lose some weight between cycles but this is mostly water, glucose, etc that is increased when you are “ON” which will always go after. Overall if you can maintain a few pounds from each cycle it will seem like you are just steadily getting bigger and leaner over time.

It is fairly easy to find two weeks when you can really dial it in and make big gains. As long as you time your cycles well and really focus on eating, sleeping, and lifting during those two weeks you should see good results.

You are never gonna make massive gains on a single cycle but you weren’t wanting to do that anyway. There will be no dramatic change in physique, just steady progress.

With short acting injectables you are gonna have to inject a lot which, if you are trying to hide your use from family, is difficult (unless you live alone).

I am just finishing an every day injection plan where I would simply fill my pins for about 4-5 days when I got a chance and put them in a side pocket in my shaving kit (along with some alcohol swabs) and I would inject in the bathroom after showering but still this is sometimes difficult to do.

This isn’t an issue with oral only cycles but with a high dose of orals you will usually get a lot of water retention so it isn’t really a good option.

Pinning every day or every other day kinda sucks but it’s just 2 weeks so not terrible.

Example 1 (test based)
W 1-2 Test Prop 75mg ED
W 1-2 NPP 37mg ED
W 1-2 Anavar 60mg ED
W 1-2 Adex 0.25mg EOD
W 3-4 Nolva 20mg ED

Example 2 (test based)
W 1-2 Test Prop 75mg ED
W 1-2 Tren Ace 37mg ED
W 1-2 Mast Prop 37mg ED
W 1-2 Letro 0.25mg ED
W 3-4 Nolva 20mg ED

Example 3 (non test based)
W 1-2 Tren Ace 75mg ED
W 1-2 Anadrol 50mg ED
W 1-2 Winstrol 25mg ED
W 1-2 HCG 100iu EOD
W 3-4 Nolva 20mg ED

  1. TRT

Another great option if you are finished having kids is to use very slow acting test cyp continuously (under medical supervision) so that you are steadily getting stronger, bigger, and leaner. You can throw in a little extra from time to time when you want to but generally you would just run on test and a low dose of AI to keep estrogen in check.

In terms of actually getting a script for test you need to find a doc that is willing (there is an article on here called “your doctor, your dealer” that goes over this.

If you don’t think you can get TRT then you can just buy the same stuff and run it on your own as many do.

Your doc will tweak your dose based on your bloodwork but the usual TRT dose is something like 100-200mg/w test cyp with 0.25mg E3D of adex. Ideal would be 100mg injected 2x/w. If you care about your ball size then you can run some HCG at a low dose (say 100iu EOD).

If you are running it on your own then something like 150mg test cyp 2x/w with 0.25mg E3D adex and 100iu EOD HCG if you want.
From there you can basically just run whatever else you want on top of it (maybe a bit of deca or primo) or you can just run short/blast cycles between blood tests and use the TRT as a cruise to maintain.

You get pharma grade test, adex, etc.
It is prescribed by your doc so if someone does find out then you have a very good reason for being on (you have a medical condition remember, which is none of their fucking business and fully legal).

It’s medically supervised so you can monitor your health closely and make adjustments with the help of you doc accordingly.
The physique transformation will be slow but as long as you are a dedicated lifter it should be continual. Again this is the point if you are trying to fly under the radar.

This is obviously a very long term commitment. Probably permenant. You can come off after many years on but not very many people do because they are very unhappy when they do. SO you should be very sure about it before going after this approach.

If you are just running it on your own, short term (say 6-9 months), then a taper is probably the best way to come off.
Again there won’t be a quick dramatic physique change but thats the point. The long term change can be very dramatic without raising many questions.

Example 1 (TRT)
W 1-x Test Cyp 150mg 2x/w
W 1-x Adex 0.25mg E3D
On top of this you can add any short cycle like those shown above or just layer on another compound to be run with the test like say 200mg/w of Deca or 400mg/w of Primo or 200mg/w of Masteron.

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