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Cycling for a Beginner?


Okay I know there’s plenty articles on this matter, and I’m doing the best to research it on my own, however being new to the terminology and experience with dosing doesn’t help so bear with me. Anyway I’ve ditched the all natural approach and decided to give in to the all out, blow your pecker out type of lifestyle. I’m really just looking for feedback on the products I’ve currently got access to as well as other’s I can stack alongside them, good or better pcts and what you guys cycle with for bulking. Here’s what I got:
Alpha 1 max - Blackstone Labs
Gear support - Blackstone Labs
Post cycle 3x - vital labs
Daa max - vital labs
Reduce xt - sns
Test 400 - ouch!
Finaflex mass 550
One a day men for a multivitamin

Currently I’m on the Blackstone labs products for my inital cycle and was planning on using the vital lab products along with the reduce xt for my pct. Would like to get on a good test cycle but with the way I work, the pain has to be minimal and test 400 definitely reminded me of why. Any feedback is appreciated.


what is this orals? anything from blackstone labs is trash, all of the “stuff” you listed sounds like something out of a marketing book made to trick noobs into buying their shitty compounds, find yourself a legit seller and do it right… and read more because it sounds like you dont know what you are doing.


To each their own on that I suppose, I’ve been seeing decent results off the alpha max. Like the post says, I’ve never cycled before which is the sole purpose of this thread.


Get a real SERM for PCT. Do more research. If the test hurts too much cut it with sterile grapeseed oil. You did not include dosages or durations, virtually all BSL PHs and SARMs are bunk and complete trash. Just use the test, you can kick start with alpha 1 if you want, but probably won’t do anything.


Okay, so I’m assuming the vital labs products are worthless seeing how it contains neither nolvadex or clomid? Currently only running the Blackstone lab products twice a day for the past four weeks. What kind of dose would you recommend for the test and grapeseed 1 ml of each? Instead of kickstarting with alpha, I was planning on running some anadrol alongside for the first two week’s of my next cycle. As for the serm, is there anything over the counter I can pick up?


blackstone labs at one point received several sues because they were putting shit in their products… this is well known google it.


Yea better look into real serms and ai . Ul f#^* urself if u dont…


Yeah, seems nolva/ clomid/hcg is a good mix so I’ll just stick with that for all pct’s. Was thinking of running test 400 for 8-12 weeks alongside anadrol for the first two weeks to kickstart. Any recommendations on other stacks?