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Cycling Fat Burners

Fat burner supplements all seem to recommend using for no more than xxx consecutive weeks, then having a period â??offâ?? before beginning again. Is it safe / possible however to use a different fat burner in the time youâ??re taking off from the original, and cycle them like this alternately?

I would not do that no.

I would cycle ON and OFF regardless of brands.

You could just learn to control your diet! Just a thought…

[quote]tattoo’d’popeye wrote:
You could just learn to control your diet! Just a thought…[/quote]
Pretty much this.

Figuring you’re only using a fat burner during a dedicated fat loss phase which is, what, 3-4 months for most people, it’s easy enough to only use a fat burner during that phase and (obviously) not at other times of the year. Boom. Instant cycle.

Plus, plenty of coaches would suggest only adding a fat burner towards the tail end of your fat loss phase (say, the last month or two) once you’ve already started seeing some progress, like bringing out the big guns to kick fat loss up another notch. That would make the “cycle” even more distinct.