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Cycling Fat Burners, Insulin Mimickers


I've used the insulin mimicker/glucose disposal agent GlycoBol successfully on a bulk recently, keeping my gains relatively lean. Although GlycoBol comes with a dosage protocol for cutting as well as bulking, I'm not convinced that it's the best supplement to take for cutting. Additionally, it's recommended to use GlycoBol for 3 months then have a month off.

I'm thinking of running a series of small cycles, say 2 months bulking, then 2 months cutting, etc, using Glycobol as the bulking supplement then looking for an alternative supplement to help in the cutting periods.

2 months bulking (with Glycobol)
2 months cutting (with fat burner)
2 months bulking again (with GB).... repeat

My questions are, what supplement(s) would you recommend as the best, safest fat burners to use in the cutting periods, and also (aside from the sense of the brief cycles) do you think it's an effective, safe method to use GDAs, then take advantage of their "don't take for a month" by using a fat burner, then starting again?




with 2 month intervals of bulking and cutting you'll just be spinning your wheels. you'll see no real progress in the long run, or the short for that matter. What are your stats as of right now?