Cycling Diet for Night Shift Work

How would you cycle intermittent fasting & carb cycling for those of us that work a nite shift? (12 hours x 3 days a week… all in a row)

Should I do an intermittent fast on my last work day, then go home & sleep, get up do a workout & then eat and back to sleep or something else?

(I usually eat 1-2 meals on my first day off. I just get up go train come home then go back to bed.The next morning I’m back on a normal schedule the rest of the week.)

I am 45, 6’2, 265 right now training for the beach in 11 weeks! I have lost from 40" waist to 36" My eventual goal is to be 225 - 230lbs but I’m shooting to be 245-250 in 11 weeks.
I have been on TRT past 2 years, got lazy with training for 6 months and got fat & now back to training for past 3 months. I have lost some weight, but trying to maximize it by trying to figure out how to cycle my carbs & implement intermittent fasting to go along with it.
I’m working out daily. I am either lifting (4 x week), conditioning with sprints, interval calithentics,or kettelbells, along with daily hour long morning fasted walks.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I do not answer diet questions. It’s not a subject that interests me. I actually do not pay much attention to diet.I eat good food but never really on a set schedule or precise macros and caloric intake. Because of my current training style I stay pretty lean year round and can easily get really lean simply by “eating a bit less”.

While I know about nutrition, I’m not an expert in it and because of that I stick to answering training-related questions. I personally do not respect coaches who claim to know everything at an expert level (or act like they do).