Cycling Deca

I’m 41 years old, i’ve been training seriously for the last three years, i’m considering a cycle using Deca. however this is the only thing i have access to… can i safely and effectively use this and achieve good results? What would be a good dosing amount? How much time on and off? Any info would be appreciated.

Deca 400mg a week and 70 sprays of Androsol twice a day. I have found Androsol very similar to Dianabol in effect without the unwanted side effects. And plus the Androsol should help with Deca dick. Some people have decreased sexual function when on Deca.

Mando’s suggestion is a good one. But, I would do the Androsol as once a day in the morning only and no need to wash off. I would suggest going on for 8-10 weeks, with an off period of 16 to 20 weeks. Just double your on time as off time.