Cycling DE Method (Tate Talks...)

Hey guys,

In Chris Shugart’s article “Tate Talks Hypertrophy”, Dave Tate talks about cycling the Dynamic Effort method for five weeks if he were going to go into bodybuilding training. I’m not sure what exactly he means here.

Let’s say I were to try to design myself a program incorporating the ME, DE, and RE methods. I might try to start out on Chest day using the ME method for say flat bench, then go on to pick two other movements for the RE method. Now, where would I put the DE method? And what would be the sets/reps? Would it be a speed bench with maybe 8 x 3 or how would you guys structure it?

I tried to make this as clear as possible, hopefully I succeeded. My understanding of the concepts are probably not that good so bare with me.

Thanks in advance

You would have to have two bench days to make it work.

Monday-ME bench followed by RE work
Thursday- DE bench followed by RE work

It’s not a bodybuilder split i know, but it wont work any other way. I dont see why you wouldnt train chest atleast twice a week anyway.

Thanks for responding binford.

I was thinking the same thing at first, then started to wonder if I could implement dynamic (speed) work in a bodybuilding type split. I like the idea of having a speed exercise because it helps a lot with my max strength. Right now I can only figure out how to use ME and RE methods.

My training splits looks like this:

day 1: legs
day 2: off
day 3: chest
day 4: back
day 5: off
day 6: arms/shoulders

I’d like to use ME using a 3-5 rep max (example would be barbell rows for max of 4 reps) then 2-3 more exercises using RE method in the 6-10 rep range.

If anyone has any input on a way of implementing DE method into my training with this type of split, it’d be greatly appreciated.


Do DE bench first for 3-5 reps then work up to a heavy 3-5rm (ME) and finish with Rep work

[quote]squattin600 wrote:

Do DE bench first for 3-5 reps then work up to a heavy 3-5rm (ME) and finish with Rep work[/quote]

This works well actually.

i had an audio interview with louis but lost it…anyway he sated for bodybuilders…

80% 1rm in the 4-6 rep range.
Use 3 secind negatives on the bands
cut out partials/boad pressing and keep floor presses.
the rest was common sense - do large muscle groups first, plan weekly monthly cycles, work muscles differently each time.