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Cycling Cutting and Strength

So, back story.

I haven’t lifted in awhile and these last two semesters, I ate like complete crap. The day after Thanksgiving, I stepped onto the scale and weighed 320 pounds. Well, that day, I started eating better, basically doing a paleo/primal thing. However, going into finals, I just never did any real exercise, all I did was walk the 3.5 miles to school everyday. Between the diet and walking, I’ve lost thirty pounds since Thanksgiving.

I want to start lifting again. I’ve lost LOTS of strength since the only consistent “strength” work I’ve done in about two years has been farm work on school breaks. The problem is, I definitely need to cut the fat. At a little over 30%, that’s a given. I know from past experience that I had some decent body recomp with Starting Strength and an okay diet and nothing else.

I kinda had the idea to do say two months of Starting Strength or this, http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/blood_and_chalk_vol_9_jim_wendler_talks_big_weights&cr= , 5/3/1 beginner program. Than a month of something like EDT with a keto diet. Than back to strength, and etc. Allowing me to build up my strength base and then do an all out attack on fat for one month. Continue the paleo eating. Continue the walking to school. Maybe do some swimming on my off days at the school.

Any ideas? Longer strength or longer EDT periods? Scrap the EDT and just do the strength program with the diet and walking? Something completely different?

Thank you.

Eat paleo. Lift weights, starting strength first, then 531 when your strength gains slow down. Keep walking. Go for a swim if you feel like it. Your diet will drop the fat, weight lifting will maintain/build muscle. These are the two things you need to stick to; everything else is fluff and you do not need to obsess about it. And above all, be patient.