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Cycling Creatine the First Time?


I heard for the first time from someone that you are suppose to cycle creatine two weeks on two weeks off. Is that true?





4 weeks on 4 weeks off.


There's no need to cycle creatine at all. You can take it continuously, it's been reported that it's actually better for you.


Padilla7921 is right. There is no need to cycle creatine.



unless your that broke that you cant afford $12 creatine, then never cycle off


Me personally I use a 6 weeks on / 1 month off cycle with no loading..I find that when I stop for a month and go back on I get better results. But I guess everyone is different..also what kind of creatine are you using? I find that Mono works and is the cheapest but causes me to have water retention. Try Creatine Ethyl Ester work just like Mono without the water retention for me.


so if you do not cycle on creatine, how much should one take?


Personally, I load for the first week (or two, I really feel like it) by taking 10g a day (5g in morning, 5g PWO). After that, 5g PWO continuously. Then, if I feel like it again, I'll do another week of loading about a month and a half later. I prefer loading every now and then, but some don't.

There's nothing WRONG with cycling creatine, but you don't HAVE to do it.


Agreed. Although the more muscle you have the more creatine you should use. I personally load with 15-20g and then maintain with 10g or so pwo. I'm 6' 205 around 5%bf