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Cycling Creatine Necessary?

I’ve been taking creatine for a few months now with protein shakes daily. 5g before the workout and 5g afterwards. Is it really necessary to cycle this stuff? I don’t feel like I’ve hit a plateau or anything yet but realize that it could be because I am consistently eating a good diet and taking 60g of protein shakes, 20g before and 40g after my workouts.


there’s no reason to cycle, though you’re probably taking in more than necessary.

3-5g/day should be enough

I know some people disagree about products using their effectiveness after taken for long periods of time. With me, I feel it just loses the effectiveness after a while. If I go a few months on creatine and then take a few weeks to a month off I usally keep reaping the benefits whereas if I stay on for a long time I start to lose the benefits. I also remember reading that long periods of taking creatine monohydrate can cause problems with the liver. I will try and look it up if I get around to it but I read that a long time ago and I don’t know my chances of finding it again. lol