Cycling Concerns With this Stack?

I am taking a stress/sleep/cortisol stack, with amounts of actives and frequency per day listed:

Phospatidyl Serine 600-800mg x 1
Bacopa 200mg x 2
GABA 1.5g x 2
Melatonin 2g as needed for sleep
Glycine 7g x 4
Vit C 1g x 1

Also, somewhat related sups:

Zinc 50mg x 1 or 2
Mag 160 mg x 1 or 2
Superfood 1 serving x 1
Fish Oil 10 - 30g per day
Milk Thistle 240mg x 1 or 2
Aniracetam every so often, maybe monthly

Are there any cycling concerns with these substances? I realized I’ve been pumping my brain full of goodies for the last week and wondered if there was anything I should be worried about, especially any crash from discontinuing use.

Any advice on the stack will be appreciated as well.

Be as harsh as you want in response, as you can see I am super chilled out…