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Cycling & Bulking

I just move to my new job, and the gym’s more than half an hour walk away from my place. Public transport is sh*te, and I can’t affrod a car. The only way I can get around is by bike.

Now I guess that wouldn’t really be problem usually, but the road back to my place from the gym is UPHILL all the way.

My question is this: should I take my recovery shake after my WORKOUT or after the BIKE RIDE home.

On a side note how will this affect my bulking plan, and how shall I adjust it? I’m currently finishing the last week CW’s SOB and moving on to CW’s SFM.

Take the recovery shake after your bike home, you also might want to try drinking gatorade during your workout. I usually use Cytomax and add l-glutamine and bcaa’s into it and sip on it during workouts. There are some flavored l-glutamine and bcaa combos out there. That will help keep weight up. Just monitor weight and if it drops, up calories all around, especially PWO.

dude that sucks,i feel for ya