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Cycling Batcheldor-Style?

Past couple of days I’ve been reading Brian Batcheldor’s old articles, and I am wondering what some of you think about the way he suggests structuring a cycle.

Here is his description of the one I’m thinking about:

[b]"Three weeks on, one week off.
Two weeks on, three weeks off.

After a total of nine weeks, and depending on competition and/or goals, in general, the cycle can be repeated again. I know that it seems a little weird, but trust me, it works. This kind of cycling has yielded mind-boggling results with world-class athletes.[/b]"

In another installment of the S-Files series, he writes about jumping on PCT products during those down weeks, assuming short half-lives for compounds during the on-weeks.

Has anyone done this sort of cycling? What did you think of it? If you’ve done both this sort of thing and a longer cycle, which gave you better results? What compounds did you use?

Are there any reasons NOT to do this with the compounds I’ve mentioned? Is Nolva enough for the PCT and off-weeks, or should I think about using something like TRIBEX as well to support endogenous T production?


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